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Retailer, Importers, Conformity Responsibilities, (potential) Platform Dealer and Start-UP’s

More frequently products are offered on the market having no testing label of an independant  accredited laboratary but only provided with the obligatory “CE-sign” which often is illegal because not all  directive requirements have been fulfilled by the manufacturer.

Therefore here is extreme caution the view of german or european marketing. Without template and verification of harmonized standards based on test reports (TRF’s) “Presumption of Conformity”  the a.m. participants take a high risk.

Even big retailer  considered essential, verifying the manufacturers reports by their own labs or by third parties, in the meanwhile

Market abnormalities connected with decreed measures by  the authorities may require a costly and time consuming expense..

A “CE-mark”  is no seal of approval. 

Countless products become noticeable  week by week. and will be published  in the RAPEX list (Rapid Exchange of information system) Video.

As a result of this, affected products can be touched by one of the following measures :


  • Recall of the product(s) from end-users
  • Recall of the product(s) from the market
  • Prohibition of distribution

Electrical appliances and accessoires, lamps and light strings make up the largest share of 11,9%  before clothing/textiles (11,7%) and fashion items of the complaines products without consideration of motor vehicles.

The vast number of the products classisfied as hazardous and which have been reported in the year 2017 came from China.

 (Source:  BAUA annual report  Dangerous Products  2018, (“Product Safety Informations”)