Compilation Conformity Documents

Declarations of Conformity and all reports, evidence and documents used for the presumption of conformity must be constantly available and should not be requested by the supplier of the product until the authorities have requested it.

As the experience has shown, the manufacturer sends the (EU) customers the requested documents, but these are very often incomplete or incorrect. Specified standards of presumption of conformity are not listed in the Official Journal of the European Union and are therefore not accepted by the supervisory authorities.

This means that the importer has affixed the CE mark on his product, but there is no evidence of "presumption of conformity" or standards have been used which have not (more) been published as harmonized standards. Often, policies are "forgotten" or policies are listed that are not applicable to the product.

If only one of these points is disregarded, the market surveillance authority assesses the declaration of conformity as improper and orders appropriate measures or conditions to be taken at short notice. In such cases, it is often very difficult to get updated documents from the manufacturer within the given time frame in order to be able to comply with arranged deadlines. In addition, reports or declarations of compliance produced by verifiers can not always be updated "on demand".

Therefore, make sure that you have all the necessary documents before checking the market registration authorities to avoid avoidable inconvenience.
There must always be a traceability of the documents.

I am happy to compile your conformity documents in a clear manner and try to find solutions with you if there are any problems.
All this at a fixed price or hourly billing at an attractive hourly rate. When needed, please contact me via the contact form, informally by e-mail or by phone.