EN 60335-1/-2-xy a rocket science ?

You would like to know more about the contents of the standard EN 60335-1 (domestic and similar electrical appliances) and it’s special parts, about presumption of conformity, about conformity documents, about risk analyzes, about operating instructions, and, and, and ...?

I am happy to train your responsible employees up to max.5 persons on site

Minimize purchasing risk maximize safety

What do your buyers need to pay attention to in particular?

You should ask yourself these questions if you do not want to face unpredictable risks when marketing your products within the EU.

Consider it:

You  are part of the responsible actors and in the case of import of goods from non-EU-based manufacturers of conformity or even "quasi-manufacturers"

I would like to talk to you about these topics on site with a presentation of the essential content of the ProdSG, the LVD  2014/35/EU, as well as the household appliance standard.
Let me know your wishes and request a non-binding offer.
Fixed price or hourly billing, no calculation of travel times, further cost-effective support and
in addition, you will be kept informed about researched changes / innovations.

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