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Product market incidents and product damage are very often, caused by the fact, that imported device versions are no longer in line with the original (GS) certified devices and the contents of the associated test reports.
The EU First Responder / Conformity responsible  always runs a large (recall) risk if one of its non-verified products becomes noticeable. One-off or periodic random verifications significantly reduce this risk.
Verifications are performed by comparing technical information and test statements between the contents of the TRF (Test Report Form) of a test center and an existing sample.
Benefit from my many years of extensive testing experience in the creation and interpretation of TRFs, as well as product verifications for many well-known and large retailers.
Product verification is an indispensable and effective tool for minimizing market risks

Especially noticeable nonconformities, such as packaging prints, imprints,  type labels and operating instructions often cause market surveillance authorities to subject products to more intensive testing

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