As shown by experience

often imported products  are not in accordance with the original certified products of the manufacturer. This problem should not underestimated.

Mostly reasons for such modifications are

  • Purchasing of cheaper components
  • Design modifications
  • Other saving measures during production process

Just these measures are casual for market conspicuities very often.

Regularly the european rapid alert system RAPEX ( Rapid Exchange of information system) publishes dangerous or potential dangerous products for the  protection of the users. There are listed products having  for example  a GS certification by an accredited testing institute very often but nevertheless showy.

This is justified by the mentioned inadmissible and not  reported product modifications. To note is that a CE sign ist not a testing sign but a self declaration by the the manufacturer respectively the  “quasi manufacturer” ( importer, retailer with it’s own brand) acc. paragraph 1, sentence 2 of the product liability law.

Spot product verifications based on issued test reports for certifications  (component lists, foto documentations, user manuals) reduces a recall action or a sale prohibition not irrelevant.

The fees for such verifications depending from the product and can be offered priced attractively.

These verifications do include

a) Comparison of the imported product with the contents of the official test report

b) Documentation of showy standard deviations

Should there any standard deviations showy, these deviations can be communicated with the manufacturer, if desired, also in english language

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