Buying an electrical household appliance, a multiple socket, a luminare or any other electrical device for private use is connected with a large product offering  with strong differences of prices at building center, specialized dealer or  elsewhere.

By experience firstly the most pleasant product strikes the eye and only then the buyer is busy with the price.

Usually the next step is comparing the lowest price product and the most pleasant product mainly in the view of price differences, quality, features, handling and accessoires.

But purchase criterions like quality and safety only can be judged by the outer view. Surely  internal quality and safety have the same  status. However this is not visible for the buyer.

Not infrequently some inferior products  feigning by the outer view the same level of quality and safety like qualitatively high leveled products

Neither the buyer nor the specialist can draw conclusions from the outer judgement  to the safety and quality inside of the product.

However this is not only fact for the end users  but also for purchasers  like retailer, discounter, online- and specialized dealer  importing their products from non-EU-countries. For these purchaser the same  unmanageable  situation occurs like for end-users staying in front of   the endless long shelves

But there’s  a  significant difference between the customer as an end-user and the purchasers  dealing the products on the EU- market as a customer of the manufacturer

The customer as end-user liables for nothing !

However the customer of the non-EU manufactuerer is full responsible for the product conformity in the view of actual directives and possible requirements by law.

As well liable for personal injuries  and physical damages.The scope of regress demanding not should be  underestimated.

The mindset “ There will nothing happen” is absolutely inappropriate

As soon as one of the participiants of the economic cycle has been informed by end-users, competitors or other third parties about non-conforming  product properties this participant is be required reporting  the concerning product to the responsible authorities which will research then who is the first distributor  on the EU-market for clarification the responsibility. At the same time there will be estimated and fixed if and which action will be launched.

Essentially it concerned with the following measures :

  • Recall from the market
  • Sales ban on the market

Weekly such measures will be published by the european fast warning system RAPEX. The focus lies on safety relevant and non-directive conforming properties. Not only products are touched which already have caused a damage, in the same way potential risk afflicted products  are touched in the view of electrical and mechanical safety as well in the view of unhealthy  and  harmful to the environment substances. 

Reduce and minimize your financial risk as well as your liability risk !

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