Essentially  a precheck ist to understand as a spotcheck of mechanical and electrical construction.

  • Detection of striking non conformity constructions
  • Assessment of assembled components and it’s suitability
  • Verification of standard relevant contents inside manuals
  • Recommendations of additional safety relevant notes inside manuals
  • Check of nameplate, labels and other imprints

Use this instrument to get a first impression in the view of conformity with harmonized standards and Directives 

Prechecks/Spotchecks do not include electrical safety relevant features like Temperature tests, High Voltage tests,Leakage current tests and Abnormal operation tests.

Independant from that there will be informed - as a part of these checks -   about handling of  these requirements

Thereby you come one step closer to positive test results of your instructed test lab with the destination of  to prevent  or reduce  the deviations from the standard far as possible.

After receiving a product sample the precheck will be finished  contemporary. According to arrangement such prechecks can be performed also at manufacturers plant

Test this procedure and profit at the same time from informative advises and notes.

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