User Manual and Product Safety

User  manuals are an indispensable of a marketable product and therefore it’s not left aside inside the directives as well inside the normative requirements.

First the product safety must be given by the product construction itself. Safe constructions have the priority against any safety instructions  printed inside the manual  acc. LVD 2014/35/EU

An information of safe handling may not replace a constructive solution.

In the focus of the market authorities there are always more the aspect of forseeable misuse, reflected in a lot of decisions and standard contents in the meanwhile.

The risk analysis  required inside the new Low Voltage Directive  may include  the handling of existing functional risks which not can be eliminated.

Besides the needed safety instructions  some standards require also minimum heights of letters as well the structure of the manual. Further on the user manual must be available also “online”.

Find out my assistance for the creation of your manual to be in accordance with the product standard as well as the DIN/EN 82079.

An additional building block on the long way to your product conformity !

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