During licensing procedures  sufficient and reproducable documentations have the same priority like the product safety itself.

In case of anomalies on the markets consequently the authorities require detailled product documentations from  the importer  and/or first placer on the market

A listing only of the component type designations is not sufficient but there are much more informations required as a  template for the certification institutes Consideration of  the standardized component lists of the TRF’s is a good base.

Further on each component change must be registered.                               This includes  also color changes.

Color changes of plastic parts  can cause  a lower  flammability !

If such informations not have been given to the certification institute the listings inside the report are incorrect, the approval does not longer exist and the certificate gets unvalid.

In a similar way this is also applicable for UL/CSA -approvals acc. UL/CSA- standards but partially  with other priorities, like the nomination of the flammability classes and the UL-file numbers.

UL-File numbers  awarded by Underwriter Laboratories and can be researched online.

Even in the case of a  non intended certification the manufacturer shall have  available a component list including the component standards and the technical ratings. Most of components must be acc. the component standards, other components acc. CENELEC regulations can be tested as a part of the appliance.

Test my offered service “ documentation compilation”  to be in conformity with the rules for proofs and documentations  to satisfy the requirements of testing/ certification institutes as well of authorities.

Optimize your proof required documents.

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